Enabling The Agile Hospital

Mandatory Changes on the Horizon for U.S. Healthcare

The future competitiveness of U.S. hospitals will depend on their ability to embrace and encourage change. “Healthcare as usual” is no longer an option. Stringent cost management, improved quality and safety and the move to outcome-based metrics demand a new approach. An approach that is event-driven and real-time to enable a flexible and adaptive approach to delivering healthcare.

The future Agile Hospital will be the lowest-cost supplier through continuous improvement programs, will report the highest patient safety and enjoy the best possible outcomes. The Agile Hospital will be equipped with MatrixView™ from Mobile Matrix.


Adapting to Change in the Hospital Environment - Challenges

    Healthcare is unique:
  • Healthcare delivery is mobile (patients, staff and equipment)
  • Healthcare delivery is a service - not a product - and requires in-process quality control to enable positive outcomes
  • Healthcare is a complex mixture of clinical and administrative processes
  • Support systems are highly fragmented and require incremental labor at the point of care
  • Implementation of a Business Process Management solution is seen as an expensive multi-year process with benefits that are hard to quantify

Currently, hospital management, both clinical and administrative, have inadequate support systems to ensure delivery of timely business intelligence and provide little visibility into their daily operations.