RTLS Engineering and Design Services

As an industry leader in the RTLS technology field, our engineers can provide a healthcare organization the technical expertise to make the deployment of any locationing infrastructure pain free and successful.

Mobile Matrix performs RTLS Assessment for Locationing: Both on a long-term and a short-term engagement.

Design RTLS for locationing that leverages customer's existing investments to meet current and future requirements.

Integration Services

Mobile Matrix integration services enables healthcare organizations to have a competitive advantage by transforming and automating their information systems. This will enable the healthcare organizations to anticipate and react quickly to new information and to changes in business requirements as compare to those with more rigid information infrastructures.

Key Areas of Integration Services are:

  • ADT
  • Bed Management
  • Clinical Data Repository (CDR)
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Emergency Department Information Systems
  • Interface Engines / Gateways

Implementation Services

Mobile Matrix implementation and consulting service teams work collaboratively with clients to design and execute a customized project plan that best suits the client’s unique timelines, software dependencies, hardware and network prerequisites, workflows and operational goals.

Driving implementations to on-time, on-budget completion, the deliverables-based project plan effectively enables us to manage the people, processes and strategic factors that determine and maximize the impact of Mobile Matrix solutions on operational performance and revenue. Mobile Matrix offers:

  • Flexible activation strategies for each solution
  • On-site support for activations
  • Best practices for configuring applications to individual client business needs

Key Benefits:

  • Speeds time to value
  • Optimizes system performance and availability
  • Improves communication between IT and departments
  • Reduces duplication of effort

Cloud (or SaaS) Subscription Services

All Mobile Matrix applications and analytical services can be utilized with a remote hosted subscription services from Mobile Matrix helping healthcare organizations rapidly implement Mobile Matrix solutions while freeing up physical space, resources and costs associated with maintaining computer servers and deploying client-based applications on-site. 

General Services

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